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#### Notice: Officially relaunched on April 08, 2022 ####
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Date: 2022-07-02 Subject: Patch notes

  • Fixed an issue about unique monsters notice which was getting triggered upon master stone's destruction and from the master summoning scrolls.
  • Fixed the coin requirement when upgrading the Scorching and Chaotic staffs.
  • Fixed the upgrade issue for Oasis staff.
  • Disabled the casting of mage's staff skills when the king's scepter is equipped.
  • You can no longer complete quests or collection races while trading.
    • You'll have to kill the last monster that is required once again.
  • Fixed MP recovery for weapons equipped on left hand.
  • Offline characters will be automatically moved from Colony Zone and Ronark Land to Moradon when Ronark Land opens/closes.
  • The invaders will no longer receive the Certificate of Invasion from remote locations but only when they are standing nearby to the monuments during blessing.
  • Fixed the camera's zooming out distance when character is transformed into a monster and when using the 2nd person view.
  • Fixed the coordinates of characters' position when teleporting back to homeland after losing the war or when the invasion is over.
  • Fixed an issue about the R-hit system where captive monsters were getting self-killed at random times and rainbow goblin would not respawn.
    • Rainbow Goblin's respawn time has changed back to its original respawn time.
  • Added Rainbow Goblin in Ronark Land.
  • Added daily quests for master bosses in bowl.
    • 1 Lobo for 12 Bravery Awards.
    • 1 Lupus for 12 Bravery Awards.
    • 1 Lycaon for 12 Bravery Awards.
    • 1 Barkirra for 12 Bravery Awards.
    • 1 Lesath for 12 Bravery Awards.
    • 1 Shaula for 12 Bravery Awards.
    • 1 Orc bandit leader for 28 Bravery Awards.
  • Replaced the Spirit of Genie from the Power-Up Store with a voucher which can be exchanged via NPC Miraselth.
  • Increased the drop rate of mage black chitins from Booro monsters.
  • The BF Fragment monsters will now drop Monster Stones.
  • Improved the bowl-gift system for the bravery awards.
  • Added a new C(ommands) button next to Q(uests) and P(US) with all game commands listed and explained.
  • Added exchange option for Merchant Reward Token [2] to Merchant Reward Token [1] via NPC Miraselth.
  • Added new BF, BDW and Felankor rings (strictly for mage class) with higher elemental damages.
    • 32 Elemental Damage for (+0).
    • 42 Elemental Damage for (+1).
    • The rings can be upgraded from (+0) to (+1) via Anvil at 30% success rate.
    • The items required for crafting a ring (+0):
      • 1x normal ring (+0) and 3x Rhodium.
    • The items required for crafting a ring (+1):
      • 1x normal ring (+1) and 9x Rhodium.