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#### Notice: OFFICIALLY launched on 16th of October at 19:00 Server Time (GMT+3)! ####
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Date: 2020-11-17 Subject: Game Updates

  • King Election has started.
  • The patch of ranged-attack and slide-bug issues has been updated.
  • The bug (caused by previous update) which made Talia Skin repairable via regular Magic Hammers is now fixed.
  • All latest anti-AFK macro abuses/issues have been patched.
  • Arrows can no longer be traded or sold via merchant system.
  • The strike-system has been updated and all strikes will be instantly applied from now on. You can also check the strikes at KO Panel.
  • An option to recover Security ID and Seal Serial Number has been added via control panel at KO Panel.
  • Clan NT is now available via control panel at KO Panel and it costs 4000 KC.
  • Fixed the duplicate icon of Lupine Eyes that appears in the top-right corner when it is casted multiple times before its duration expires.
  • The master bosses of Capture the Flag/Castle events have been replaced with Chaotic Bosses.
  • NT/CC/GC vouchers purchased via PUS *by mistake* can now be returned by visiting the [Exchange] KC Vouchers NPC and KC will be refunded.
  • New items have been added in Power-Up Store;
    • Restore Personal Weapon scroll (a personal weapon that you burned in anvil, will be restored at +1)
    • Master Bosses (x10) Package
  • Snow War and Last Nation Standing events have been released;
    • You can join in LNS via the warp gates in Moradon.
    • You are not allowed to enter in event If you login game after LNS has started or if you are late joining LNS.
    • The max number of deaths allowed in LNS are: 5
    • Mini-Isiloon boss is included at Chaos Stone in LNS.
    • You can join in Snow War from Kalluga Valley Entrance by running towards the visual gate.
  • CR FARM 35x Apostle have been replaced with 30 Titans.
  • CR Rewards have been updated.
  • The HP of Master Stone is reduced by half.