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#### Notice: Officially relaunched on April 08, 2022 ####
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Date: 2022-04-29 Subject: Patch notes

  • Castle Siege War is released, 1st CSW on Sunday 01/05/2022 at 22:10 Server Time.
    • All characters are teleported to Delos town when Center Artifact gets destroyed.
  • Snow War is released, the entrance is at Kalluga Valley.
    • There are snowmen in snow war which drop PUS items (master boss scrolls, 2000 hp, 350 ac packs too) and blue treasure chest.
  • Added Isiloon boss in Colony Zone and Ronark Land.
  • Added Odious Collector and Blood Thief goblins in Colony Zone.
    • Odious Collectors drop FT/BDW/LNS coupons.
    • Blood Thief drop 25x PK Stone Voucher.
  • Dead users are revived when teleported to Forgotten Temple.
    • You no longer go to jail while being dead in Forgotten Temple.
  • You can only teleport to clan members when using the teleport scrolls in eslant.
  • Priest HP buff skills can now be used from remote distance.
  • Increased the size and hp of Rainbow Goblin.
    • Increased the spawn rate of Princess Lilian.
  • Fixed a very rare bug related to multiclient limit and which prevented a couple of players from logging in game.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented old earring accessories from dropping by Laonbelisk in monster nests.