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Date: 2019-11-02 Subject: Updates, DDos Attack and Future Updates

1) The king elections have started.
2) Halloween event has ended, however, cursed jack will invade in bowl 3 more times during this weekend.
3) Skeleton Belt has been added on Dragon Tooth boss.


It has been a tough week due to the DDoS attacks from which our server is suffering since October 25th (while the biggest turkish KO community forum is also suffering from those attacks and it's been down since a month ago) and it is probably the strongest attack that we've ever received since 2014.

Despite the fact that they have not managed to cause any serious connection interruptions, however, they managed to trigger our DDoS hardware's protection 6 times that caused IP null-route and every online user -at that time- ended up being disconnected from the server.

ProfessionalKO is a Farm/PK server and setting up merchants is a big factor in our server's market, that sadly, has been affected from those 6 disconnections.

So, since we've mitigated the attacks, and taking into consideration that the attacks are weaker now, we took some security measures that will keep our server stable without needing the DDoS protection to be activated unless the server become unavailable.

While waiting for the next DDoS attack, we're finalizing the following updates:

1) Permanent login-issue fix (the login-system logic is being remade from scratch).
2) Timed beginners gear (obtainable via NPC).
3) Preventing item purchases from merchants (in case seller's coins in inventory exceeds 2.1 billions).
4) New Collection Race in the Forgotten Temple event (where only solo kills count).
5) New Collection Race in Moradon (possibly with a national points limit).
6) Optional new skin for Dark Vane item.
7) Chitin Shield vouchers obtainable by Lesath and Chaotic Lesath bosses (with 20 times lower drop rate than actual chitin shield drop rate).
8) Percentage decrease of Ice Staff skill's slow-rate. Although there will be a poll about it.
9) Increased attack power of FT weapons (to match with the 2007+ original KO era stats). However, the poll is still open with no clear winner yet, so if you haven't voted yet please do so:

10) Another Isiloon boss added in Hell Abyss zone. However, more votes are required, so if you haven't voted yet please do so at:

P.S. Thank you for your continued support, especially, during this difficult time.