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#### Notice: OFFICIALLY launched on 21st of June at 21:00 Server Time (GMT+3)! ####
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Date: 2019-06-28 Subject: Server Updates

1) Level cap has been increased to 72.
2) Helis and Staff skills are available for Priest and Mage classes.
3) Mastery, 62 level and 70 level skill Quests are active.
4) Chitin Shell items have been added on Dark Mare, Death Mare, Servant of Isiloon, Fallen Angel, Dark Stone, Troll Berserker, Troll Captain, Crimson Wing, Falcon mobs and on Bosses.
5) Accessories maximum upgrade has been set to +1 with 30% success rate. You need 2m coins to do that upgrade.
6) Lunar War, Snow War and Collection Race have been released.
7) HP 2000 and AC 350 buff scrolls have been added on Power-Up & Vote stores.
8) FT weapons have been added on FT Coupons Manager NPC.
9) The FT event difficulty has been increased.
10) The /town block while enemies in sight has been disabled.
11) Minimum HP percentage for using /town has been set to 75%.
12) Minimum NP requirement for joining BDW event has been set to 1000.
13) Cardinal stats are now equal for both elmorad and karus spots in Colony Zone.
14) A new quest has been added for Blood Seekers. 50x kills = 5x BUS.
15) A new quest has been added for the Personal Weapon quest. Kill all the quest mobs to get the 4 quest stones.
16) BF Fragment mobs have been added in LNS event zone.
17) The drop rate of Iron Belt, Glass Belt and Chitin Shield items has been slightly increased.
18) Random skill failure and damage delay has been fixed.
19) Skill failure upon login/relog has been fixed.
20) Parasite casting range has been corrected.
21) Stuttering issue on high resolutions with low FPS has been fixed.