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Date: 2020-10-23 Subject: Game Updates

  • Mastery, 62 level and 70 level skill Quests have been activated.
  • Chitin Shell items have been added on Dark Mare, Death Mare, Servant of Isiloon, Fallen Angel, Dark Stone, Troll Berserker, Troll Captain, Crimson Wing, Falcon mobs and on Bosses.
  • 2000 HP and 350 AC buffs have been added to Logos of Spirit
  • Previous update about mage damage reduction has been reversed.
  • The respawn time of quest bosses (personal weapon quest) reduced by half.
  • Resistance of FR/GR/LR potions reduced by half.
  • Master Stone has been added in Moradon zone and when destroyed it spawns master bosses.
  • The price of Stone of Life changed to 5500.