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#### Notice: OFFICIALLY launched on 16th of October at 19:00 Server Time (GMT+3)! ####
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Date: 2020-10-28 Subject: Game Updates

  • Halloween event has started and it will last until November 6;
    • Cursed pumpkins spawn all over in Colony Zone every 5-7 minutes. They shall drop cosmetic items and materials for the exclusive seasonal-helmets/masks, which can also be exchanged for random master items, and candies that can buff your HP and AC by 2000 and 350 respectively. The materials can be exchange at Jack-O'-Lantern in Moradon (327, 403).
      • 25x Materials of Pumpkin Mask = Pumpkin Mask
      • 25x Materials of Devil Mask = Devil Mask
      • 25x Materials of Scream Mask = Scream Mask
      • 25x Materials of Wizard Mask = Wizard Mask
      • 10x Materials of Halloween Spear = Halloween Spear
      • 10x Materials of Halloween Cane = Halloween Cane
      • 10x Materials of Whirlwind Candy = Whirlwind Candy
      • 10x Materials of Pumpkin Candy = Pumpkin Candy
      • 10x Materials of Pumpkin/Devil/Scream/Wizard Mask = Random Master Item
    • Cursed Jack-o-lantern will spawn in bowl during the upcoming weekend. it shall drop PUS items and the following unique accessories: Mage Earring, Warrior Earring, Rogue Earring, Cleric Earring, Platinum Earring, Secret-Silver Earring, Agate Earring, Crystal Earring, Opal Earring, Silver Earring, Elf-Metal Earring, White-Silver Earring, Ring of Courage, Ring of Magic, Ring of Life, Bronze Belt, Skeleton Belt.
  • The minimum number of players required to form a party in BDW has changed from 2 to 5.
  • The item drop rate of Isiloon Servants has been reduced by 4%.
  • Increased the drop rate of Chitin Shell armors in Eslant (Dark Stone, Troll Berserker, Troll Captain, Crimson Wing, Falcon) by 10%.
  • Deathmatch event has been released.