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#### Notice: OFFICIALLY launched on 21st of June at 21:00 Server Time (GMT+3)! ####
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Date: 2019-07-12 Subject: Server Updates

1) Level 72 staff-skills damage has been corrected.
2) Priest's party cure skill issue has been fixed.
3) HP bug using Resurrection scrolls in PK and event zones has been fixed.
4) Increased the damage on Guard Towers.
5) Increased the drop rate on Cavalries.
6) Magic Hammer can now repair weapons.
7) A new quest has been added for Titans. 750x kills = 1x Trina's Piece
8) A new quest has been added for Master Items. 100x Medals of Courage = 1x Random Master Item.
9) Medal of Courage item has been added in CZ on Apostle, Stone Golem, Harpy and Troll mobs with 50% drop rate.
10) Master Bosses (x10) Package has been added on PUS.
11) Fragment of Arrogance item reward has been added for the winner nation of LNS event.
12) BF Fragment mobs have been added in CZ outside of Bowl.
13) Bifrost event has been released.
14) Accessories upgrade notice temporary disabled
15) A new quest has been added for Red and Black chitin armor. 50x Medals of Courage = Gloves/Boots/Helmet, 75x Medals of Courage = Pauldron/Pads