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#### Notice: Officially relaunched on April 08, 2022 ####
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Date: 2022-05-13 Subject: Patch notes

  • Increased the duration time of CR in Bifrost from 30 minutes to 45 minutes when there is a draw and to 60 minutes when bifrost monument is captured by a nation.
  • Collection Race, Inventory Full, Warning and Anti-Macro CAPTCHA messages are moved from ProfessionalKO News to their own PM names.
  • Reduced the HP of Bifrost Monument by 25%.
  • Reduced the resistance stats of Sloth, Lust, Envy and Greed.
  • Added the Ladder Truck key to NPC Sundries.
  • Added Lock/Unlock UI option to Options Editor.
  • Isiloon and Mini Isiloon now drop elemental essences.
  • Corrected the amount of coins required when upgrading mage red and priest black chitin armor.
  • Improved the inventory full check for quests and collection races when reward items are stackable.