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#### Notice: OFFICIALLY launched on 21st of June at 21:00 Server Time (GMT+3)! ####
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Date: 2019-07-17 Subject: Server Updates

1) All party members can now see Lupine buff in the top right corner of their screen.
2) The visual issue of weapons' current durability after using Magic Hammer has been fixed.
3) Accessories upgrade notice has been re-activated. Accessories multiple upgrade notice issue has been fixed.
4) Party disband issue after using Resurrection scrolls in forbidden zones has been fixed.
5) You can now exchange 100x cardinal jewels or asga fruits at a time as long as you have at least 100 of these in your inventory.
6) Medal of Courage has been added on every Deruvish, Apostle, Troll, Troll Warrior, Harpy, Raven Harpy, Stone Golem, Giant Golem, Titan, Dark Mare, Death Mare, Servant of Isiloon and BF Fragment monster.
7) Increased the drop rate on Cavalries (by 25%).
8) Increased the drop rate of Shell armor and High class weapons on Dark Mare, Death Mare and Isiloon of Servant (by 5%).
9) Increased the drop rate of Chitin armor on Stone Golem, Giant Golem and Titan (by 10%).
10) Increased the drop rate of Low & Medium class weapons (by 7%).
11) Increased the drop rate on Chaotic Harpy Queen and Chaotic Troll King (by 5%), on Chaotic Snake Queen and Chaotic Talos (by 2.5%).
12) Increased the stats of Bifrost Monument.
13) Apostle, Troll, Harpy and Stone Golem XP Pieces have been added to the game. EXP Quests in El Morad and Luferson castles are now active.
14) Deathmatch item rewards have been updated. Rank1 = Blue Treasure Chest, Rank2 = Trina's Piece, Rank3 = Fragment of Avarice, Rank4 = Green Treasure Chest, Rank5 = Red Treasure Chest.
15) Last Nation Standing rewards have been updated. Winner nation characters who join the event receives Fragment of Sloth, Red Treasure Chest, Lotto Ticket, 250 NP and +8 NP bonus for 4 hours in CZ.
16) A new quest has been added for BF Fragment mobs. 200x kills = 50x Medals of Courage
17) Collection Race item rewards have been updated.