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Date: 2020-11-06 Subject: Game Updates

  • Halloween event is over;
    • The cursed pumpkins left the Colony Zone.
    • The Jack O Lantern NPC will remain at Moradon until November 9.
  • Macro detection has been improved.
  • Multiclient is now limited up to 2 clients.
  • Casting-fail rates (caused by lr and arrow skills) have been reduced;
    • -30% for mage skills.
    • -50% for priest debuff skills.
    • -80% for priest healing skills.
  • New commands have been added;
    • .online
      • shows for how long your character has been online.
    • .mutestreak
      • mute/unmute both messages and sounds of killstreaks.
  • The damage of Helis skill has been increased by another 5% (including the damage boost of previous update).
  • The damage of all mage single-shot skills has been increased by 10%.
  • Nation Change voucher has been added on [Exchange] PK Stones NPC for 525 PK stones.
  • The PK Stones required for a Name Change Scroll has been increased to 1050 PK stones.
  • 2000 HP and 350 AC buff scrolls have been added at Power-Up and Vote Stores.