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#### Notice: Officially relaunched on April 08, 2022 ####
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Date: 2022-06-02 Subject: Patch notes

  • King election has started.
  • Increased the AP of Exceptional Weapons from +2 to +5 compared to the regular high class weapons' AP.
  • Juraid Mountain event has been released.
    • You can check the updated scheduled events at
  • Added the Personal Weapons to NPC [Exchange] PK Stones.
  • Laonbelisk now drop the Old Flame Ring, Old Shio Tears, Old Imir Ring and Old Foverin in the Monster Nests.
    • They have the same stats as the normal ones.
  • Added BF Fragment monsters to Colonzy Zone and Ronark Land, outside of the bowl.
    • BF Fragment monsters will also spawn to the invaded land during Lunar War and with a higher drop rate of fragments.
  • Added 2 new TP options in the Bifrost zone.
    • Teleport to the Tree of Wisdom [1]
      • You'll be teleported to the area between Glutton and Wrath spots by trading in 1x Fragment of Arrogance.
    • Teleport to the Tree of Wisdom [2]
      • You'll be teleported to the area between Lust and Envy spots by trading in 1x Fragment of Gluttony.
  • Rainbow Goblin can now be hit using only the Basic Attack (R).
  • Disabled the casting of TP skills inside the Delos sanctuary.
  • Updated the Bravery Award system to prevent players from abusing bugs to obtain them.
    • It will be further improved in future updates.
  • Changed the merchant rewards from Token [2] to Token [3].
    • Added the Blue Gem, Green Gem and Black Gem to the exchange list of Merchant Reward Token [3].
    • If you want to complete quests that require merchant reward tokens, you'll have to use the Token [2].
    • You can exchange 1x Token [3] to 2x Token [2] via NPC Miraselth.
  • Significantly increased the drop rate of all medium class weapons and armors.

P.S. There is a new version of elemental rings for mages coming in the following updates.