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Date: 2020-11-09 Subject: Game Updates

  • Anti-AFK Macro update v2.0;
    • Mages can no longer teleport the AFK farmers.
    • The AFK farmers will be sent to a specific area in the Moradon zone.
  • Drop rate of miscellaneous items has been reduced by 50% for the following monsters;
    • Werewolf
    • Lycan
    • Loup-Garou
    • Dire Wolf
    • Dark Eyes
    • Scorpion
    • Pincers Scorpion
    • Stinger
    • Bulcan
    • Wild Bulcan
    • Bulky Bulcan
    • Giant Bulcan
    • Grell
    • Shadow
  • Assassin class;
    • The damage of assassin skills has been boosted. (it will be nerfed if necessary)
  • Warrior class;
    • The damage of warrior skills has been boosted. (it will be nerfed if necessary)
  • Forgotten Temple event;
    • The players capacity has been increased from 52 to 72.
    • FT weapons have been added on FT Coupons Manager
      • Hell Breaker [10 FT Coupons + 300m coins]
      • Dark Vane [6 FT Coupons + 200m coins]
      • Enion Bow [4 FT Coupons + 200m coins]
      • Hanguk Sword [6 FT Coupons + 200m coins]
      • Wreath of Erenion [2 FT Coupons + 150m coins]
      • Lightning Erenion [2 FT Coupons + 150m coins]
      • Glacier Erenion [2 FT Coupons + 50m coins]
      • Defender of the Lord [6 FT Coup. + 200m coins]
      • Ron's Staff [2 FT Coupon + 50m coins]
      • Smite Hammer [4 FT Coupons + 200m coins]
  • The exchange of Personal Weapons used to be free of charge but now will cost you 20m coins.
  • The upgrade of old ROC/ROL/ROM used to be free of charge but now will cost you 25m coins.
  • Reduced the attack range for the following monsters;
    • Dark Mare
    • Death Mare
    • Servant of Isiloon
  • Titans and Exceptional Weapons have been released;
    • Titans can be found in CZ next to Lamia and Deruvish spots. There are 4x spots available for each nation.
    • The Exceptional Weapons are obtainable only via Titans.
    • Killing 500 Titans will reward you with a Trina's Piece. This quest is repeatable.
  • The spots of Dragon Tooth Skeletons in CZ has been replaced with Beasts.
  • Hob Goblins have been added in CZ;
    • They are placed between Death Knight and Stole Golem spots.
    • They drop Gold Coins and Blessed Upgrade Scrolls.
  • The number of Dark Mare per spot in CZ has been increased from 4 to 5.
  • Gelatinous Sire and Gilded Baron have been added in CZ.
    • The Gelatinous Sire drop high class items.
    • The Gilded Baron drop 1/10/50m Coin Coupons.
  • The Jack O Lantern NPC left the Moradon zone.
  • Dex/Int/MP bonuses have been added to the FT and Iron Necklaces.
  • The selling price of Destruction armors has been reduced.