Spring Season
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English Language Turkish Language Spanish Language
Main Head 2
#### Notice: Officially Relaunched on December 15, 2023 ####
Game Vocabulary
NPC Non-Player Character
STR Strength
INT Intelligence
DEX Dexterity
HP Health Points
MP Mana Points
CSW Castle Siege War
LW Lunar War
PK Player Kill
CZ Colony Zone
GM Game Master
Rezzer Priest that can resurrect people
Farm To mass kill a certain monster for money or items
Noob New player
Chicken New player who is currently on the beginners quest
Mule/Bank Character that is used to hold valuable items
Leech/Leecher To gain experience from the party while doing nothing
KS Kill Steal
AOE Area of Effect
Exp or XP Experience Points
TNL To next level
+++ Buff
<<< or >>> Swift
TP or 444 Teleport
555 Enemy Sighted
Chat Related Lingo
slm or sa or mrb "hi" in Turkish (short for Selam/Merhaba)
tm or tmm "Okay" in Turkish (short for Tamam)
nzm or nzmn "when?" in Turkish (short for ne zaman?)
nrd "where are you?" in Turkish (short for neredesin?)
hg "welcome" in Turkish (short for hoşgeldin)
gn good night
bb bye bye
k or kk okay
gz congratulations
gj good job
afk away from keyboard
brb be right back
lol laughing out loud
rofl rolling on the floor laughing
omg oh my goodness
wb welcome back
Monsters and Bosses
DT Dragon Tooth (Boss)
TK Troll King (Boss)
DF Deruvish Founder (Boss)
HQ Harpy Queen
BC Bone Collector
deru Deruvish
apos Apostle
DM Dark Mare
FA Fallen Angel
DTS Dragon Tooth Skeleton
AK Ash Knight
DK Death Knight